Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Remember a few weeks ago when I dramatically declared that 2013 would be the year of back to blogging? (I may have also declared the same thing in January 2012.) I thought I'd start with a recap, via Instagram collage, wdyt? Do you follow us there?

In January, we recovered from a busy holiday, spent some time getting to know new friends at preschool & MOPs, Kalea potty trainedCade rolled over for the first time & I started weekly meal planning that intentionally included weekly+ vegan meals.

In February, the Cassidy continued with four days a week in preschool, we had a bunch of playdates, the kids learned to play at a group of three, visited the Georgia Aquarium, and started to look for a church in the area.

March brought warmer weather, the start of our first soccer team - both girls "played", Michael travelling for work, craft swaps and trips to Macon to see Gran & Poppy.

Spring arrived in April, along with Easter eggs, decorations & parties galore, settling in at Pilgrimage UCC (PUCC) as our church home, Cade learning to sit up on his own along with time at our neighborhood parks, bike riding, walks around the neighborhood and enjoying the time between winter and the start of hot, hot, hot weather that comes with the Georgia summers.

In May preschool ended for the school year, Grandma & Grandpa came for a visit followed a few weeks later by Aunt Jenny, Uncle Mark & Audrey, we built an impressive fairy garden, the soccer season came to a close and enjoyed the beginning of a summer of playdates.

We were ready for June because the girls started swimming lessons at our neighborhood pool, Jackie coordinated a number of MOPS field trips & playdates, the girls enjoyed project after craft after art creation, Cade started solids...and making a significant increase in our grocery bill, we got a new roof, enjoyed Fathers Day in Macon, the girls spent a week with Gran & Poppy and we welcomed a new cousin, baby Isaac, into our family.

July was never ending as we all looked forward to the end of it when we went on the great family vacation with Jackie's side of the family - 8 adults & 7 children ages 5 and under! I didn't keep up with the blog but did manage a recap the next month!

School, MOPS & the crazy that would be fall started in mid-August. Cade started signing, Grandma & Grandpa came to visit, we joined PUCC the same day that Cade was baptized and Jackie turned 33.

September flew by with Michael's birthday, Kalea's 3rd birthday, school, a few trips to Macon to visit Poppy who was recovering from surgery, Michael started ground school, Cade got his first tooth and Saturdays at the soccer field with Cassidy playing fall soccer.

In October, we continued to enjoy the good weather, taking nightly walks or playing in the backyard after dinner every night, we had a run of preschool birthday parties and get-togethers, had the kid's pictures taken by a talented friend of a friend, Kalea discovered heels, Cade turned onediscovered the steps and Cassidy must have grown a foot because suddenly all of her pants were way too short!

November kicked off with our 7th wedding anniversary and Cassidy's 5th birthday. Year five started with a bang as she counted to 100 on her own for the first time and started gymnastics at a local gym. Cade ended up in the hospital for 6 days with a really bad case of croup. It was a tough week, but we are blessed to have a wonderful group of friends here who really helped out with meals, childcare and visits. After recovering from Cade and Jackie being away for a week, we enjoyed the week of Thanksgiving break and time to spend with Michael's family in Macon.

December came and went entirely too quickly with holiday parties, visits to Macon, shopping, decorating, travel to PA, cousins, cookies, food and church activities. Cade took his first steps but hasn't officially walked quite yet. Christmas was a busy, wonderful flurry of family. Although it seemed that the plague had infested the extended family - with strep, bronchitis, possible pneumonia, the flu, a stomach bug, a double ear infection, viral conjunctivitis all within the 8 adults and 7 kids of my family - Santa and family was very good to all of us. It even snowed during our visit so that the girls could sled & play with their cousins & Cade could see snow for the first time!

The year has gone so quickly! Happy New Year to all & here's to more pictures, stories, posts & family fun in 2013!

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