Monday, August 13, 2012

{july in review}

Hold on tight. We're catching up with the month in review. This might take a while!

The month started out with a sleepover at Gran & Poppy's house for Cassidy & Kalea. Cade spent the week being spoiled & treated like an only child by me & Michael. It was amazingly quiet with only one little person in the house.
creative use of the baby bouncer at Gran & Poppy's house

watching the braves game at a sports bar with daddy
walk to the park...first wagon ride!
only 15 & a half years until I get my license!
The following week the littles spent some time at the park, had a dance party or two, went swimming & generally acted cuter than ever.
daily dose of dance
watch out daddy, I'm stealing your dance partner
sleepy boy at the park
milk & finger mustaches
pool! the girls have done great at swimming lessons this summer
the cuteness kills me!
The following week we ventured to CatchAir, a local bounce/play/nuthouse of moms & kids, had a few more dance parties, decorated cookies & hung out in our neighborhood. Later in the week we met a friend at the Southern Museum of Civil War & Locomotive History where they have a fun weekly storytime. We closed the week with a field trip to see Ryan's flower shop (otherwise know as Brenda's House of Flowers in Woodstock!)
bffs. aww.
they turn out the lights & have a disco party. it's hysterical  watching the kids dance!
loved the ball pit
pool time with miles & melinda

silly girls.
decorating cookies...good for 5 whole minutes of distraction!
time for a walk. they dressed themselves. in 90° weather.
cassidy's buddy nathan at the train museum
storytime activities. it was beach day.
somebody had spaghetti for the 1st time. clearly a success!
ryan & his buddies at BHOF

The following week we kept ourselves busy with after dinner swing races, a last minute trip to Chattanooga to see BFF Sara & some other Spring Grovians, visiting the aquarium, taking a tour of Publix with some MOPS mommies & kiddos and then ended the week with the Lumpkin July pool party at Gran & Poppy's house. Never a dull moment!
we love the swing park in our neighborhood!
road trip!
cassidy & SPY before dinner
feet of BFF Sara & Jackie. the tradition continues.
the rest of BFF Sara & her buddy
the next day he fell asleep in the high chair by 8:30 am. trains are tiring.
georgia aquarium
cade loved the tunnel
watching the 3D movie
looks like nemo...but is named depot! 
more swings!
upside down swinging
We love our Publix! They showed the kids all over the store & gave us lots of yummy samples!
gran's silly girl
sweet saige
kalea is one of the big girls
cade is SOOOO big!
can you find michael in this picture?
The final full week of July the girls went to Cooking Camp at the church where they go to preschool. It gave Cade & I some time to clean, do laundry, organize & pack. We did manage to fit in some silly time as well as one "ice-cream for dinner" night at Menchie's. Then we hit the road & headed to OBX for a week of craziness fun family bonding with 8 adults & 7 children, ages 4 weeks to 4 years. More of that to come! 
frozen yogurt for dinner?!? why not!!??
i LOVE kalea in pigtails!
monkey see. monkey do.
cassidy drew a picture of her blankie. what an artist!!
we take a lot of pictures like this.
doing a trial run setting up our new tent
sleepy in the car during errands.
all i need to pack for the beach, right? 
guess who chose their own outfit?
how I cleaned out the fridge.
everyone in PJs & on the road for the overnight drive.
10 hours later!
More beach & August photos to come!

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