Thursday, May 24, 2012

{fairy garden}

A few months ago I came across the idea of a fairy garden on Pinterest & my interest was peaked. Fairies are a big deal at our house. If the girls aren't playing princess or "mama & daughter" then they're playing fairies - and many times make believe time combines the three & we have mother & daughter fairy princesses. Here was the inspiration piece:
find the pin here
We have very good friend, Ryan, who is an extremely talented florist. Kalea just happens to be the President of his fan club. So, when I texted him that I needed some help making this happen & some adorable picture of her, he couldn't help but agree. Really, could you resist this?
One Saturday, we gathered the troops & supplies. Troops: us, Ryan & the Peppers. Supplies: half a Jack Daniels whiskey half-barrel planter (found at Home Depot), two bags of pebbles (one for drainage, the other for decoration), a couple bags of dirt, moss, some miniature plants from Ry's shop & two silly girls with watering cans.
We drilled a couple holes in the bottom to let it drain & the filled it up. Big pebbles first, dirt, plants, pebbles. It was pretty quick work with all the helpers we had on hand.
Phase one was complete! The fairies were set to build a house & move in a few weeks later. I was pretty happy with the results so far & the girls were thrilled. Although getting a picture of both of them "thrilled" at the same moment proved difficult!
A few weeks later we added a house, donated by another talented friend, some fairies Ryan had drummed up at the shop & a few other extras. We couldn't be happier with the outcome. Cassidy & Kalea have really enjoyed checking for fairies a few times a week & being responsible for watering their plants. It was a fun, easy & not too expensive project - especially so with the help of friends!

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The Pea's said...

I love it! What a great idea!