Thursday, June 14, 2012

{celery art}

This summer we're trying to keep busy. The girls are used to having something to do every day besides play with the sixty-ninety-hundred toys we have, so, besides setting up playdates & MOPS field trips, I've been pulling out teaching ideas & perusing Pinterest for things to keep their little hands busy.

The girls just love to do odjects, as Cassidy calls them, and crafts. She, especially, will sit & draw/paint/color for hours. The everyday art supplies are stamps, markers & crayons but a few times a week we'll pull out finger paint or watercolors & let loose.

The other day I remembered to save the end of our celery stalk & while Kalea napped, Cassidy got to create some vegetable art. While wearing a Tinkerbell costume, of course!

Her art is getting more & more mature. Gone are the day of scribbling. She is meticulous in creating each piece. Most are labeled telling who the picture is for & is always signed so we know who drew it. She's learning to rhyme, sound out words & spell the names of the people in our family. So far she's pretty accurate on Mom, Dad & can get most of the letters in Kalea & Cade. It's totally cute to have her "read" the words she writes to describe what's going on.

She's started a Summerbridge workbook with her Daddy as well & is super excited to do "homework" a couple times a week. Let's hope the trend continues through middle & high school!

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