Tuesday, September 25, 2012

{1st tooth}

Over the weekend Cade's first tooth popped through on the bottom front of his mouth. I can see it's match under the gum, so I predict it won't be long until a few more come in as well. I tried to get a picture of this momentous milestone, but, really, what baby will actually let you take a picture of the inside of his mouth? I did get a few extreme closeups & cute pictures of the little guy though. 

He'll be 11 months on Friday (Kalea's birthday!). He's standing & cruising from one place to the next holding on to whatever is available - mommy or daddy's fingers, his sister's little stools, the Dora house, a cat, whatever! He weighs about 20 lbs & is well into 12 month clothing. That said, he is a great eater - still nursing a number of time during the day on top of three meals of baby food + whatever we're having to eat. Last night he chowed down on curried mushrooms, quinoa & Gran's peas. I honestly think he ate as much as Kalea! 

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