Tuesday, January 17, 2012

{potty talk}

I officially call it. We're back to one child in diapers! Whoohoo!

Kalea has been showing interest in the potty for a while but I heard enough "regression" horror stories of children who were good & trained but when a new sibling was born they had to do it all over again. Then once Cade arrived I was up to my ears in adorable newborn, nursing or changing his diapers every five seconds so I put it off some more. But, as of the first of the year, potty training began. It was pretty much a fail for the first few days, even though she looked super cute running around without a fluffy tush!

But then things started to make sense, there was less telling us after the fact & more running at full speed yelling, "I go potty! I go peepee Mama!!" And, for the past week there have been no accidents, we've traveled out of the house without pullups & she's even stayed dry overnight for the past three nights! I'll faint if she ends up being overnight trained before 2½! She's getting so big!

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