Monday, January 24, 2011

project 365 photo: 01.24.2011

GRRRRRRR! Dinosaur art compliments of preschool.
You must think that the blogging part of this blog is extinct. Kind of like the creature featured here on the left.

Not to worry, however, the witty one-liners & exciting stories of life with the lumps will come back someday. It just seems that the cat's got my tongue lately & every single blog post I start falls flat. So there's a list of drafts just waiting for my fairy blog-mother to sprinkle with a little fairy dust to make them come to life again.

I did notice though that it's been exactly one year since my sweet husband made his debut (& only!) post on our blog. It's a good one. I betcha want to read it, don't you? (psssst. click here. then come back.) Maybe it's time for him to make good on his promise to post again to provide the lumpy daddy perspective on life.

Aside from that, we're just trucking along here in our fine city trying to ride out the winter weather & nasty inversion. Kalea turns 16 months in just a few days. We finally made it to her 15 month appointment last week after having to reschedule from when we got stuck on the East Coast in the crazy storms at Christmas. Her stats are: 21 ½ lbs (50th percentile for weight), 32 inches long (90th percentile for height). She's exactly where she's supposed to be according to her growth curve & is similar to what her sister was at that age. (Remember? No? Look, I do!) 

We're looking forward to another visit from my sister Jessie & her family in a few weeks. Can't wait to see all the kids running around together. Other than that, nothing exciting here except a little writer's block. Topics & suggestions on getting out of the funk gladly accepted!

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