Saturday, February 14, 2009

15 months old...and more

A belated 15 month birthday to Cassidy! She's growing & growing - as of yesterday 20.3 lbs & 32". She's keeps us busy moving around the house, playing & reading. She isn't saying too many words yet but has been picking up more & more signs to let us know what she wants - & wants it now! Her bottom molars came in recently & she's enjoying eating a few more crunchy foods lately. Last weekend Aunt Jessie, Uncle Derrick & Sean came to Utah for a long weekend visit. Michael & Derrick spent two days skiing & snowboarding at Park City Mountain Resort - we even ordered new snow to fall that weekend just for Derrick! In the meantime the rest of us went to a local children's museum with some friends. Sean & Cassidy had a great time exploring all the dramatic play areas - the water feature & the ball pit were the biggest hits. That night the bathtub was also very popular. Sean & Cassidy got into a splashing battle. Jackie & Jessie ended up getting soaked too. How nice of them to include us! It was a lot of fun to spend some time with all three - Jessie, Derrick & Sean. There are more pictures on our Picasa site - just click here.