Saturday, July 27, 2013

{week 30}

Heading into week 30 we were glad to have everyone finally healthy. The kids attended Cooking Camp at the preschool which gave me a couple days to get things done at home & enjoy a little silence.

Cassidy continued practicing with Kilometer Kids for her upcoming 1 mile race. They had a practice 1 mile race this week & she did really well. And loved all the prizes after the race too! She also had her Kindergarten placement evaluation this week & did really well. She's a little nervous about a new school but we're all looking forward to school starting soon. I braved the "Back to School" crowds at Target one day with Cade while the girls were at camp. It's insane. Only 18 or so more years to go!!! 

The weather was really nice & the kids got to play in the backyard pool and water table a couple days. On Friday we went to the zoo with a bug group of MOPS moms & friends. I think there were something like 19 kids between all of us but group parenting worked out & we didn't lose anyone! It was our first visit since their splash pad opened. All three kids had a blast. It's much smaller than the one at Centennial Olympic Park where we went a few weeks ago which seemed better for Kalea & Cade, especially. 

The end of the week was really nice since Michael got off work early on Friday to start a little "staycation" going out to eat a new burger place in Kennesaw (Yes, burger place. The kids & I got quinoa burgers. They were super yummy. We're still vegetarian!) and going to a special event at The Southern Museum of of Civil War & Locomotive History. Cade was in heaven seeing all the choo-choos!!! A photog from the Marietta Journal captured a cute picture. We're couldn't find it published in any print papers, but you can see it online here.

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