Saturday, June 29, 2013

{week 26}

We headed back to Georgia accompanied by Grandma Betty. It was a long drive, but the kids did really well and Michael had lunch, a drink & blue iced cupcakes waiting when we arrived home around lunchtime. We spent the next couple days at the pool, crafting with Grandma, dressing for any weather that might arise (yep, it was the first day of summer. they were wearing mittens, scarves & hats) and getting in some good cereal stealing, snuggle time. After dropping Grandma off at the airport, the kids & I hit up the fountains at Centennial Olympic Park where the kids had a complete blast and then went home to pack & attend a Kilometer Kids practice. The week ended sadly, as our beloved Poppy took a turn for the worse in the hospital and passed on Wednesday. We were blessed to have made it to Macon in time to be with him and Gran during his last moments, as well as spending the rest of the week with family. He was celebrated in an amazing, standing room only service showing just how many lives he touched with his humility, humor, faith and love. There is no doubt will miss him. 

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