Saturday, July 20, 2013

{week 29}

We headed into week 29 with one sick kid and not far into the week the second and third one joined the club. And somehow everyone had a completely different ailment: Cade had croup & finally got his very own at home nebulizer, Cassidy had some allergic reaction on Monday afternoon where her eye swelled up & looked like she'd been punched and Kalea woke up Tuesday some sort of virus with a fever of up to 103° & stomach pain for the whole week. No fun at all.

Before the onslaught of illness, Michael & I got to go see Phish here in Atlanta thanks to our niece who came to babysit. We had fun & are looking forward the next four years when she's a student at KSU & available more often to have, what Cassidy calls "playdates with Sidney!"

VBS at our church was this week but since Kalea was sick, Cassidy was the only one to participate for the week. Luckily a sweet teenage member of our congregation lives less than five minutes from us & was willing to take her back and forth every day. 

The quote of the week came from Kalea, who was sitting watching me cook one afternoon. Somehow the subject of what the girls wanted to be when they grew up came up. Her response, "When I grow up I'm going to be a banana. I can't think of anything else to be."

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