Friday, July 15, 2011

project 365 photo: 07.15.2011 {traveling day}

There is so much to tell about this day, but few images. Cassidy, Kalea, the belly & I made it to PA for a visit with Grandma Betty, Grandpa Doug, Aunt Jessie, Uncle Derrick, Sean, Elijah, Aunt Jenny, Uncle Mark, Audrey & all of our PA family & friends. It was a long day. One which included:
  • cats in crawl spaces
  • nearly leaving a cat behind
  • cat & pregnant lady behind a furnace
  • saying goodbye to our SLC house
  • cats & sedatives...& considering taking them ourselves due to bullet #1 &2
  • nice old guy driving us to the airport 
  • rushing to catch a flight
  • losing my license (after security thank goodness!)
  • kind strangers who looked me up on LinkedIn & emailed the license whereabouts
  • cat travel drama for Michael
  • very nice Delta employees
  • trips to Target & Walmart 
  • very clueless Delta employees
  • postponed flights, but eventual takeoff
  • PA arrival
  • late night arrival to Atlanta for cats & Michael
I think Michael tells the story best, since he experienced the drama first hand, so maybe one day he'll update this post with the full story. Needless to say, we were all a little worse for the wear by the time we reached our respective destinations, but glad to have arrived.

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