Thursday, July 14, 2011

project 365 photo: 07.14.2011 {moving day}

The day has arrived! The moving truck is coming! Better eat a good breakfast...glad we have the portable DVD player for distraction since the toys are in boxes! Movers will be here by 9!
Oh, wait. The moving truck is not here yet. It's broken down about an hour and a half south of SLC & won't be here for a long time. Quick! Find something to do! How about a walk with Daddy?
Lunchtime...but wait! The fridge & freezer have been emptied & cleaned - no food! Good thing Jessica, Luke & Miles came to the rescue - pizza & playmates!
The truck is here! The truck is here! Only four hours late, but who is counting, right?!
Cassidy supervises the loading while Kalea naps right through the noise. After that refreshing nap they head over to Jessica's house to play while Daddy floods the basement & Mommy finish supervising & cleaning up a little.
By 8 the house is empty...and Gus is missing! Hopefully he'll show up in the morning, right?
Time to head to our hotel for the night - what a treat! Tomorrow promises to be an exciting day!

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