Tuesday, March 15, 2011

project 365 photo: 03.15.2011 {bedtime rituals}

Even with Michael's 10 hour work days, we've been fortunate to have him home by bedtime, even bath, a lot recently. I have to say that it's so much more efficient with man-to-man coverage than trying to juggle both girls bath, PJs, routines & rituals then bedtime.

Kalea is still nursing mornings & nights before bed (& we'll continue for a while longer if she still wants to!). The other night though I was thinking how our routine would vary once she stopped nursing before bed. With Cassidy we read books before bed even before she weaned so she had a routine already set up. She's a real stickler for routines though & it was good for her. I'm wondering though, since Kalea always has been the kind of kid who just lays down & goes to sleep when it's nap or bedtime, if it's necessary. We've talked about having the girls share a room too, once they're a little older so we can have a playroom. How would that work? I can envision certain chaos with the two of them in a room together unsupervised! Anyone have success - or funny horror stories - of putting young kids in a bedroom together?

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Ratz said...

Oh... that sounds like a great idea.

I think I would boast stories of childhood, how my sister and I, we shared rooms and enjoyed the time... can that work?