Saturday, September 7, 2013

{week 36}

Week 36. We started out the week with a lazy morning on Gran's porch watching one of the biggest spiders ever sit on her web. On the other side of the screen, of course. After some good family time, food, swimming & cousins we headed home to spend Labor Day at our house doing not much other than playing - Michael is teaching Cassidy to play checkers - and enjoying the end of summer weather.

Later in the week we had dentist visits - Cade's first cleaning. The hygienist said he was the calmest, most agreeable one year old she'd ever worked with! He & I spent lunch at Cassidy's school as a treat one day and I started getting some new photos arranged in our barely decorated living room. We'll see how long it takes to go from the butcher paper layout to actual frames...with pictures!!!

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