Friday, September 13, 2013

{fancy lumpies}

Has your kindergartener discovered Fancy Nancy? If not, especially if you have a dress-up-obsessed-princess-in-training-girl, get thee to a library!!! A couple weeks ago Cassidy got to go to the media center at school for the first time & check out a book. She was beside herself excited about it, grinning from ear to ear as she got off the bus that day. And, the grin continued as she showed me the book she picked. Fancy Nancy.
We read & read & read the book until it had to be returned. And the girls played dress up over & over & over again. Nothing new, really. A day in our household simply isn't complete without a little sparkle, a princess dress & some accessories. If you aren't familiar, Nancy is a very fancy girl. She dresses fancily, has a fancy room, fancy clothes and even a fancy dog. Unfortunately for her, her family is not very fancy, so she has to teach them how to be fancy. And she uses fancy words - it's a great vocabulary booster! In the original book, the one Cassidy checked out, the story ends with the family going out for pizza in fancy garb. So of course we had to do the same thing. Kalea got in on the act helping fancy herself up. The girls chose accessories, sparkly light up shoes & even some sparkle, glitter "eye shadow" to wear out. 
Not to be outdone, Cade tried on a couple hats, but ultimately ended up with just a bracelet. A shiny one. Then the girls fancied up Daddy with a Georgia hat, shirt, tie and his class ring. It was a sight. 
They made sure I had a fancy dress, multiple scarves, "movie star" sunglasses & a necklace. And glitter eye shadow, of course.
We went to our favorite local pizza spot & garnered a lot of attention from the waitstaff who just fawned over the girls - which of course is the point! It was a fun way to spend a Friday night!

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