Sunday, September 25, 2011

project 365 photo: 09.25.2011 {preschool sunday}

Cassidy has been attending preschool at a local church for the past month or so & loving every minute of it. She comes home every day & exclaims that she has a new friend named _____________. Every day it's different &, much to her daddy's chagrin, many times its a boy!!! We don't get much information about what she does daily when asked outright but her teachers are clearly making an impact on her because tidbits trickle in during the late afternoon & evening.

This morning was "Preschool Sunday" at the church to give the congregation a chance to see the children they support. We've not found a new church "home" so it also gave us a chance to check this one out. There were tons of kids there & the preschoolers got to sing a song during the service. Cassidy did great - singing loudly right up front!

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