Tuesday, September 20, 2011

project 365 photo: 09.20.2011 {cake}

I let Cassidy pick out dessert while we were at the grocery store. Of course she chose cupcakes from the bakery that had a foot of bright red dyed icing on top. Too bad I didn't think to set parameters before letting her loose on that decision! But, since those type things are a rare occurrence in our house, we just went with it.

Both girls ate the fastest & least whiny dinner that they've had in the past three months. While we were eating Michael reminded Kalea that her birthday was coming up soon. I asked, "How old will you be, Kalea? How many will you be on your birthday?" She looked over at the counter & said, "Birfday! Cake! I eat!!!" At least she has the important facts down!

After dinner the girls lost their tops (not my first time at this rodeo, thank you very much!) & dug in. We just cracked up with the amount of cake & icing that didn't quite make it inside their mouths....it was on the table, chairs, floor, up their arms, on their hands & somehow some even ended up on the wall! At least we know for sure that they enjoyed it!

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