Friday, September 16, 2011

project 365 photo: 09.16.2011 {40 miles from Denver}

For the first time since B.C.  (before children), Michael & I took an multi-night trip away from the shenanigans of house & home. We headed to Colorado for the wedding of our friend Scott & his beautiful bride, Neysa. The day before I drove down to Macon & dropped off the girls for their first sleepover at Gran & Poppy's house. I stayed for dinner, bath & bedtime before jumping in the car for the two hour drive back. Apparently Cassidy hadn't counted on me staying though because during dinner she asked me, "Mommy, why are you still here?" I took it as a good sign that she wasn't going to have anxiety about being there without Mommy & Daddy. Which was true - they ended up having a blast & loved every minute of spending time with Gran, Poppy, aunts, uncles & cousins! We had a great time too. It was simply amazing the ease with which we got to the airport, through security, on the plane & to our destination. On more than one occasion Michael or I looked at our arms & hands in wonder of the lack of stuff we were carrying!

The weekend was wonderful - full of old friends & new friends. It was just the kind of wedding that makes you appreciative of all the good in your friends, their friends & family. At one point I said to Michael that it was just so easy to be with everyone no matter if we'd known them decades or days.

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