Wednesday, July 27, 2011

project 365 photo: 07.27.2011 {something new}

When Cassidy, Kale & I arrived in Georgia there were a lot of new things to enjoy. 

First, we got picked up in our new car. We walked out of the airport into the parking garage, Michael pulling two suitcases & the girls backpacks while I carried Kalea in the Ergo (sitting on top of my big belly!), held Cassidy's hand & pulled the small suitcase with the other hand. It was a typical hot, humid Georgia day. So, when Michael stopped beside a gold minivan, that looked strikingly similar to his parent's minivan, I confused &, admittedly, a little, umm, annoyed. "Why are you driving your parent's minivan?" I asked. "Surprise!" he said, "I've just been kidding about getting a Tribeca. I know how much you really want a minivan, so here's our new car!" The look on my face must have given him the hint that I was not, in fact, looking forward to a new minivan & he laughed & laughed...on the way to our new car a few feet away. Nice, huh? :) It is really nice & I've enjoyed driving it since then!

We drove for an hour or so & got to our new house! You know, the one we'd never seen in person before! Michael did a great job, with the help of our realtor Lea, of finding just the right house for us in just the right neighborhood and only 15-20 minutes from his new office. During the search & in the decision making the girls & I Skyped with him a number of times to get tours of the house & yard. So, while it wasn't completely a surprise, it felt kind of cool to explore the new place. The girls had a ball just running through the house pointing out how neat it was. Kalea kept saying, "Wook, mom! Big box!" Our things had arrived earlier in the week so, yes, there were a lot of big boxes to see. 

We got upstairs to the girls' room - they're now sharing - and there was a special surprise for them - bikes! Cassidy graduated to a big girl bike & Kalea inherited the tricycle. The following day, on the 27th, Michael went in early to work & left a little early to spend some time with us. He took Cassidy out on her first ride & she did such a great job. He said to me that, "She grew up on me today!" (Disclaimer: Yes, we have a helmet for her. It was still packed up that day &, really, who could tell a 3 year old girl with a new princess bicycle that should need to wait until we unpacked to ride!)

My special surprise was something I'd been asking for upcoming birthday. But my dear husband thought it was silly to buy that item for a birthday present, so in my closet was a brand new vacuum cleaner! Hooray!

We enjoyed that Wednesday, finally, as a family in one place for a permanent amount of time. Even though the mountains of boxes seemed insurmountable & there we were starting over with decorating, organizing & getting settled, we felt lucky to be together again.

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