Monday, July 25, 2011

project 365 photo: 07.25.2011 {moo}

We took a field trip to Perrydell Farm near my parent's house. My friend Steph from college drove up from Maryland with her daughter to join us. We hadn't gotten together since before we were renamed Mommy & it was fun to watch my girls & Erin play together along with my two nephews. Five children between age one and four...believe me there was no question left unasked! 

We learned where milk comes from...
 ...what cows eat & how... to milk a cow...
 ...and got to pet & feed calves. 
 The motto of Perrydell is "Milk so fresh, it will make you blush!" While we didn't sample the milk, we did sample their homemade icecream. Delicious!!!

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Molly said...

I went there as a kid! I can't believe I haven't had my own kids there yet!