Thursday, June 16, 2011

project 365 photo: 06.16.2011 {camp}

Cassidy has been attending "camp" at the Little Gym for the past couple weeks. She goes twice a week for three hours in the afternoon. I was a little apprehensive about leaving her for that long since she's only ever stayed an hour by herself there (& many times Kalea & I would just hang out in the lobby where she could see us through the windows) but I needn't have worried. After the first day of learning the routine, she barely remembers to kiss me goodbye before she runs into the gym to greet her friends & teachers. At the end of the day she's tired out (yay! they did their job!) but would stay another couple hours if we let her.

The Little Gym has been so fun for her over the past couple years. Even though she is clearly a very social child, it was a good introduction into a more structured environment before she started preschool as well as a place where she learned to share, work together with her peers and follow instructions. Well we're still working on those, but it's a good place to start! We're looking into classes in Atlanta for after we move, but the closest Little Gym is kind of far away. Cassidy has also had a sudden interest in "my ballet." She prances around flinging her legs up in the air & stretching her hands out to the side in a flamingo like posture. With this interest she's asked her Daddy to look for ballet classes in Atlanta, so we'll start looking for those instead maybe. Hopefully she'll have more grace than her mommy ever had.

I still remember one of my last ballet classes of childhood where we were laying on our back doing the "bicycle" move with our legs. I managed to connect my knee to my face & gave myself a really bad bloody nose! As much fun as I had, clearly ballet was not for me. Maybe I should look into some swim lessons for Cassidy too - just in case grace out of the water isn't her thing either!

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