Sunday, May 15, 2011

project 365 photo: 05.15.2011 {brunch}

One of this things about living in any city is that you get acquainted with the local brunch places & discover your favorites. Many Sundays after church we head for a quick breakfast/brunch where inevitably Cassidy will be incredibly excited for special pancakes, but spend most of her time people watching, Kalea will spill something down her shirt as well as miss her mouth & leave half her food on the floor while Michael & I scarf something down while trying not to cause too much of a ruckus. Sounds incredibly relaxing, doesn't it?

We've found though that there are two spots that we love more than others where the service is quick & attentive plus the staff & patrons actually seem to like kids rather than scowl at them in disgust. The first spot, Over the Counter, is a little family owned diner with the fastest service this side of the Mississippi. The second favorite is Eggs in the City, which is a little more hip (which means a wait for a table), has a nice outdoor patio for good weather & really good breakfast. They also make Mickey Mouse pancakes with whipped cream & fruit for the kids which, clearly, makes it a winner in their book. We'll miss our two favorite spots once we leave, but are looking forward to visiting a few old haunts back in Atlanta & discovering a couple new ones too.

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