Saturday, March 26, 2011

project 365 photo: 03.25.2011 {wisdom}

Michael somehow entered into his mid-30s with his wisdom teeth still intact. Unfortunately for him, the dentist recommended that they come out recently. So Friday morning the girls & I dropped him off for the surgery. We headed to nearby Target to gather post-op supplies: cold/hot packs, smoothie supplies, juice & new coloring books. The girls needed something to do in the recovery room & Veggie Tales & Sesame Street did the trick.

He's doing pretty well so far - other than repeating himself about 16 times when he was still coming out from under anesthesia! He has a little swelling but no chipmunk cheeks, some pain but nothing the pain meds don't take care of and has managed to start eating some very soft food.

The whole experience reminds me of when my dad had his wisdom teeth taken out. Afterward he was just a little out of it. My mom had warned us - we were a little older than my girls are now - that he would be in a little pain. When he was brought out to the car my youngest sister, Jenny, greeted him excitedly saying, "There's miserable Daddy!" Funny memories!


Ratz said...

Awww. That is a good memory that you have from your childhood Jackie. I hope your hubs gets well soon.


lumpsonablog said...

Thanks! Me too!

Ali said...

Too bad you didn't take a video while he was loopy! lol My friend did that and posted it to YouTube. Hilarious. :)

lumpsonablog said...

I think he would have my head if I did that! :)