Thursday, January 13, 2011

extreme lump makeover: home edition

Even though you've gotten your fill of the lumpsonablog lately with the fun 365 photo project I admit that I haven't given much thought or time to posts with more than few words. It's been a busy few weeks after getting back from PA. My Christmas gift this year was to replace shelving in the living room & playroom/office that was bursting at the seams.
playroom: before
living room: before

I'd been eying some cute shelves at Ikea since our last visit & so we took another field trip to pick them up. We spent the next weekend putting them together (ummm, well, kudos to Michael actually!) & the weekend after that starting to organize. It set off a New Year's cleaning spree & purge. It's a work in progress, but the house feels more put together & a bit more organized

playroom: after
living room: after
I'm still trying to figure out how else to decorate in the playroom. I'm considering chalkboard paint for that small wall on the left side of the playroom photo. Cassidy's been able to help clean up a little more effectively with the addition of label on the bins. If you notice little tags on the top of the pink bins. I took a picture of what is supposed to go inside, printed it & attached the label. Now the girls can find their toys without dumping everything & know where it gets put away. We'll see how long the novelty lasts! Have any other decorating or organization tips?
the labels for the toy bins
And, how do you get...& stay organized?


Cmilbank said...

I really like your label idea!

Ratz said...

What do you know!!! You turned everything. Lovely.... I usually enjoy cleaning rooms, as long as no one interferes. I get mighty pissed off if even a single thing has been taken out of place and left dangling somewhere else!!!

Kelly said...

Your new shelving looks awesome. I'm jealous!

We use lots of bins but really my kids are only interested in what they can see. Therefore, the same toys get all the action. When they tire of those toys, we put them on the bottom of the bins and let the next layer take a turn.

That's a system. Right?

YorkFirstCapital said...

You and Michael did a goode job. Your shelves look great!
Love, Dad

Beth Zimmerman said...

Bravo! Excellent organizational efforts! The shelves are beautiful and I LOVE the idea of the picture tags! I'm trying to do a 365 on FB but I'm already a week behind! Sigh ...