Saturday, December 4, 2010

sweet as a georgia peach.

We had so much fun spending the week of Thanksgiving with Gran & Poppy who made the nearly 2,000 mile trek to visit. As with any visit from a grandparent, the girls were spoiled & loved on the whole week. Something we will all continue to enjoy are Gran's special peas & peaches that Gran & Poppy carefully carried on with them on the plane. What a treat!

During their visit we kept busy with shopping for Thanksgiving Day, prepping lots of pies, cake, sides & turkey for our big Thanksgiving dinner, painting, making projects & even braved some of the after Thanksgiving sales at Target on Saturday.

Cassidy showed Gran how to properly make a snow angel in one of the two snow storms, had innumerable tea parties in her play kitchen with Poppy & just ate up the extra attention. Kalea recognized both Gran & Poppy right away & was mostly content to play, snuggle & babble to them all week. Try as we might, however, we couldn't get her to officially start walking yet. She's taken a step toward something quite by accident, but never more than a step & a half before she plops down on her bottom squealing. One of these days though...although I'm not wishing the crawling days away too fast because I know I'll then be chasing after two running girls every day!

What a fun week - can't wait to see them again this summer! 

The next few weeks will be a whirlwind of getting ready for Christmas, meeting deadlines at work, laundry, shopping & packing. The girls & I head to Pennsylvania on the 15th to spend the week leading up to Christmas with my family. Michael will join us a few days before Christmas & then we'll all fly back home the day after Christmas. I'm already tired thinking about it!

Hope your holiday preparations are joyful & bright!

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