Friday, December 3, 2010

mama, can we do a project?

I think that's become one of Cassidy's favorite phrases. She loves all things glue, construction paper, markers, crayons, scissors & especially glitter related. Her wonderful pre-school & Sunday school teachers do a great job filling this need three days each week, but the other four days are all up to me. Her birthday easel does a great job of letting her create on her own, but some days that just doesn't cut it. Recently she hit an art milestone: making people that actually resemble people I'm so proud of my big girl.
 The days that self direction doesn't do it for her, I put my first grade teacher hat back on, go digging in the storage closet & come up with something a three year old. Today's project was a hand-print wreath that just may be a keeper to remember the little hands that helped make it.


tiarasandtrucks said...

Maybe it's the colder weather, because we are in craft-mode, too. I have a Michael's wish list hanging on my white board in the kitchen right now. I think our next project will be to make and decorate Christmas countdown chains. Pretty basic, but fun.

lumpsonablog said...

I think we'll make one of those next week too - it's so hard for C to understand that Christmas is coming, but not tomorrow!