Sunday, August 29, 2010

countdown to 1.

Our little baby is on the home stretch to one year old! 
In the past month Kale has continued burning rubber crawling all over the place - I even caught her eying up the steps the other day! She's beginning to walk while holding onto your fingers & gets around the edges of the living room holding on to furniture...or a nearby, unsuspecting cat on occasion. Although her weight seems to be holding steady, right around 18 lbs, I'm convinced she's growing because the amount of food she puts down in one day is insane. For instance, today Kalea ate: 
  • breakfast - nursed + ¼ c. cheerios + part of a small apple cut in tiny pieces
  • lunch - 2 jars baby food + ¼ lima beans + just less than ¼ c. cheese
  • snack: handful of puffs + handful cantaloupe pieces + nursed before nap
  • dinner - 2 jars baby food + ¼ lima beans + ¼ c.tiny mozzarella balls + over half of an olive garden bread stick + nursed before bed
See what I mean? She's a regular vacuum cleaner! Aside from the physical milestones, Kalea is really starting to communicate. She is regularly signing more, milk, cereal, all done & pointing when she wants up. She says mama, dada, up &, my absolute favorite, hey. When she says "hey", I swear, all her Southern comes out because it's drawn out & has at least two, if not three syllables. Absolutely, positively adorable. She continues to be even tempered & giggly...just take a look at the silly girl in this video from today.

Happy 11 months baby girl - we love you!


Ratz said...

Oh my... look at her... she is one profound example of perseverance, this little doll... Happy 11 months Kalea... :-D

Keep rocking

Mom & Dad said...

Love that little giggle! Can't wait 'til her 1st birthday party! :) xoxo Mom & Dad

The Drama Mama said...

SHe's SOOOO impossibly cute!!

I've got an award for you too.

lumpsonablog said...

We're so glad you're coming out to celebrate with us! Our little ladybug is getting so big!