Wednesday, July 14, 2010

up, up, up & away

A friend said to me the other day, "He's a good guy." referring to the Dawgs fan featured on the left. I had to agree. I know I've said it before, but I can't imagine raising our daughters without this guy. 

It's been a little bit of a rough patch getting back into the routine of home after vacation, particularly for Cassidy. Every day she grows more verbal & gains vocabulary that helps her express what she wants - which can be a double edge sword since she wants it right now...pu-weeeeese! There have been multiple meltdowns each day, but lessening as the days pass. I tend to try the distraction technique first & if that doesn't work (or makes it worse!) just ignore the tantrum until she gives up & moves on to something else. Bless Michael though, since he has more patience than I do in attempting to diffuse meltdowns.

Watching him interact with Cassidy, & Kalea too, reminds me that there is often more than my one way to parent and, if I close my mouth & stop micromanaging long enough, our daughters will learn skills I couldn't have taught them myself, how to adapt to different situations and people.

Letting go also gives me those moments of reprieve as well. Although I strive to be SuperMom, in reality I know that I need to accept help & take time for myself. I'm a better parent when I've had even a half hour of distance.

So, moms & dads, grandpas & grandmas, pet-owners & parents, how do your parenting styles differ &/or compliment one another? What things do you do when you need time to re-energize?

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CK said...

That's so cute! pu-weeeze! In our relationship, my husband is the chill, relaxed lets cuddle one and I am the ambitious, let's go, get-it-done one. When we listen to each other and make time for one another, we really balance out.

Draea Lael said...

We have 4 kids, Sir Geek and I. All are mine, biologically, from a previous marriage. SG has had no experience with parenting, or even kids, until he met me. To be completely honest, he is a better parent than I could have ever hoped for my kids and as a partner to me. He makes me be a better parent. He's definitly the more strict and consistant of the pair and the kids love him for it. The biggest difference is how we deal with our oldest, the almost 15 yr old girl. When she earns her Drama Llama name, I cannot even be in the same room with her...I am a ms/hs teacher and deal with other ppls hormonal kids all year, but AMG she just rubs me the wrong way. Maybe its because she and I are so similar, idk. Thankfully, SG deals with her. I usually can ahndle the boys with no issue, but gah she just makes me crazy. He's the first one to pull me aside and say "just breathe, I'll deal with her before you guys get into a fist fight". For the 12 yrs I was a parent before I met SG, I was a single parent, even when I was married. The difference in our home and family since he's become a part of us is AMAZING. The best thing is when my youngest 2 boys (6 and 10) cuddle up to him and say "You're the best dad ever". I am so glad that he is such a natural.

lumpsonablog said...

You hit on another good point - making time for each other as partners. It all but slips past us many days while we get caught up in tantrums, household chores, etc.

lumpsonablog said...

It sounds like you've got a great partner. I know my mom & I had our battles when I was that age too...& we're very much alike. I wonder if, even at this early age, my toddler & I butt heads so much for the exact same reason. Hopefully we can figure out how to co-exist peacefully though or it's going to be a long 18+ years!

Alexandra said...

my husband and I are opposites, which is a good thing, since we have 4 boys...they need his whatever attitude...