Sunday, May 16, 2010

a day with the lumps: celebrating 100 posts!

Since this is our 100th post, I thought it would something different & special to photograph a day in the life of the lumps from this blog. Enjoy!

7:29 am
Kalea wakes up Jackie cooing & comes to snuggle in bed for a while
8:29 am 
Kalea lays down for a nap & I grab a quick shower...gotta get quiet time in when I can!
9:29 am
Cassidy is up & having breakfast...while wearing Daddy's shoes!
10:29 am
Kalea wakes up & gets breakfast
11:29 am
trip to Lowe's
12:29 pm
making lunch
1:29 pm
while Kalea naps, I clip coupons & Cassidy helps Michael start planting our garden
2:29 pm
Kalea wakes up & comes out to join us while Cassidy plants her Big Bird Sunflower Seeds
3:29 pm
tomatoes, broccoli, orange bell pepper, basil, chives, mint, oregano, rosemary, echinacea, watermelon, parsley, squash, onions & carrots along with a few flowers in the front bed
4:29 pm
while Cassidy naps, Kalea doesn't...but she sure has the best hat hair & giggle ever
5:29 pm
solo grocery shopping...those coupons paid off, we saved $78!
6:29 pm
prepping dinner: skillet poached huevos rancheros
7:29 pm
bath & bedtime
8:29 pm
dishes...note the plunger in the background for the terribly clogged up sink
9:29 pm
hey look, it's me blogging! happy 100th post!


The Drama Mama said...

These made me giggle, especially the last one with you blogging. What a cute idea for a 100th post!!

Anonymous said...

i love the garden and your kids are too much man - so cute!!

MaggieK said...

What a great 100th post...congrats on your 100th