Thursday, April 1, 2010

family time

Grandpa Doug & Uncle Mark are here for the long Easter weekend. It's been extra nice to have two extra sets of hands to occupy Cassidy & entertain Kalea. It's been like a vacation to be able to go to the bathroom all by myself! We spent the morning today hanging out at home. Cassidy is thrilled to have more people to boss around play with for the weekend. Grandpa went with us to Little Gym to play. Aunt Jenny & Uncle Mark offered to watch Kalea while we went to play since she was in the middle of a nap. It was nice to be able to run around & give Cassidy some special attention.  She had both of us down on all fours on the mat doing the "crab walk," swinging from the uneven parallel bars, running & jumping all over the place. After class we all headed up to Park City to have lunch with Michael. This week we're so thankful to be able to spend time with them. While it is fun to Skype with Grandpa & Uncle Mark, it's even better to see them in person.

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Gina said...

Logan just started up gymnastics again last week! There's something so fun about all those activities, aren't there? :) Cute pics!