Sunday, January 3, 2010

happy 2010!

I think Michael & I are officially old this year. I say this only because our rockin' new year consisted of TV watching & couch surfing. Did you know that in Utah they air the Dick Clark NYC NYE countdown, but then cut away right before the ball drops?!? I was in bed by about 12:02 with Kalea - even declining the champagne we had bought for the occasion. Sad, I tell you, sad.

In our defense, the girls & I have been fighting a cold & thrush since a few days after Christmas. We were all tuckered out. However, we're all doing quite a bit better & are hoping for a great 2010.

We had a busy holiday visiting family & friends in Georgia.
Traveling with two is just a little more hands on than traveling with one, but not unmanageable (yet!). In fact, either I have amnesia from the trip or I'm just plain crazy because I booked a flight back to PA for February 10-15 - alone! Fortunately Jenny will be there to help on the return flight, but we're on our own for leg one SLC to PHL!

While in Georgia we had pictures taken of all the Lumpkin GrandGirls. The photographer deserves a raise, just for dealing with my two little ones! But, she got some really good pictures of everyone. (Kalea turned 3 months the next day!) Next time though, I think a morning session before the nap monster arrives would be prudent!

My New Year's Resolution this year is to blog at least twice a month so expect pictures, videos & stories more regularly. We'd love to get comments on the blog or followers, so log in & let us know what you're thinking...or what your New Year's Resolution is!

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Uncle Mark said...

Both of you are far too much younger than me to be old so it must be the rigours of parenthood.

It was really great having ya'll here for Christmas. I can't believe how good the pictures turned out considering how badly it started.

Uncle Mark