Wednesday, October 9, 2013

{week 40}

It feels like a Monday to me. Today is the first day back from fall break for our schools &, while the break was nice, it certainly feels weird to already be mid-week! I guess Friday is just going to come sooner than I expect, which will be a pleasant surprise!

Last week I made up for week 39's lack of photos...
Cade seems to be the only one who regularly stays still enough to photograph lately, so this week is heavy on the the little one. The beginning of the week we excitingly took off Cassidy's training wheels & Michael gave her a first lesson...then she promptly got a flat tire & so now I need to go get a new tube. It was a good start though. We celebrated Cassidy being chosen to attend the first principal's character breakfast of the school year - each month one or two students are chosen from each class - for her excellence in friendship. We're so proud of our sweet kindergartener!

Cade & I had several outings while sisters were in school to the park, he "helped" me back the car out of the garage, the thrill of the century, and he got to ride in Kalea's car seat one day on the way through preschool carpool. Currently he's still happily rear-facing but that day he had it in his head that he had to be in sister's seat...and a non-screaming, harnessed child is safer than one trying to take his harness off, so he won. For that day anyhow. Thursday started fall break & we had a couple playdates & Cade helped Michael coach Kilometer Kids one night. We even had a wedding between bride Princess Ariel, played by Cassidy, and Prince Eric, the goofy groom, played by Kalea. She always gets cast as the prince. Poor second child.

Over the weekend germs invaded the house &, much to my dismay, four out of five were down for the count by Sunday morning. It ended up being a relaxing weekend, full of a little too much movie & TV time but everyone seems to be on the mend now.

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