Saturday, September 21, 2013

{week 38}

She never tires of getting tickled. It's been like that since she was little & I love it.

Aside from the crazy giggles we kept ourselves occupied this week with: a visit to see Sidney (cousin who is now attending KSU), texting pictures to Daddy while he was on a business trip, good Target scores & the beginning of Christmas shopping (this was pure accident, I'm usually NOT organized enough to begin early at all!!!), more texts to Daddy while he camped in North Georgia over the weekend, sister-brother bonding on the slides, giggling girl, Cassidy showing off her reading skills, Cade INSISTING on wearing a barrette one afternoon just like his sisters, movie night on the floor while Daddy camped, the realization that Cade just might be growing out of the crib & picture day at preschool with NEW BOOTS!

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