Wednesday, August 7, 2013


The post also known as "{should have bought stock in kleenex}".

No, it's actually been a lot better than I imagined, but I do admit to a few tears and little anxiety. And that's just me! Cassidy has handled the transition really well. She did mention multiple times in the last few weeks that she wasn't "ready for kindergarten yet, mama." but in the end she hopped on the bus with barely a backward glance. 

My type A self was relied heavily on friends who have had kids at our elementary school and her 4K angel of a teacher to figure out what was going on the past couple weeks. We shopped for supplies, got mostly the right items, figured out the bus schedule and then waited. Apparently there is a lot less hand holding {for the parents!!!} from the administration compared to preschool. {cue anxious tears} But yesterday at the Meet and Greet, most of the missing pieces fell into place. 

Cassidy & I rode the bus together from her stop to school. Her driver's name is Mrs. B. Mrs. B drives Bus B. How convenient. Then we swung by the class lists, which didn't get posted until that morning because almost 60 students registered the prior day. Poor administrators & teachers!!!! After that it was off to Mrs. Musselwhite's classroom. What a fun place! Cassidy made fast friends with some boys - who we found out live in our neighborhood - playing blocks, then play-doh and exploring the classroom. We did a practice walk from the bus area to her classroom, snapped a picture with her sweet new teacher and then headed to the cafeteria to sign daddy up for PTSA. Hmm, I wonder if he'll catch that! Since we live in the neighborhood right next to school, we decided to just walk home instead of waiting for the bus. She looked too big just walking ahead of me, as if she'd done this a thousand times before. {cue tears}

Today she bounded out of bed, ok, let's be real, she got out of bed with no fussing and was clearly excited. Last night we read Llama, Llama Misses Mama and The Kissing Hand to prepare {me} for her first long day away from home. {cue tears} This morning she opened a first day of kindergarten gift of a heart shaped locket with pictures of Mommy & Daddy inside. We told her that it was her special kissing hand gift and that she could squeeze it if she missed us during school. {cue tears...are you getting the kleenex reference yet?!?} Then it was a quick breakfast, some obligatory pictures - the sign says, "1st day of kindergarten, I want to be an artist, singer & dancer when I grow up!" - & the whole family to the bus stop. {cue tears} We're so proud of our little girl!

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