Monday, May 20, 2013

{week 19}

Despite Week 19 being a busy week, I didn't manage to capture many pictures! We had a fun start to the week hanging out with some friends who put sponge rollers in Cassidy's hair for the first time which was beyond thrilling to her. The girls had preschool field day & Cassidy had her 4K graduation (I do have pictures, but they're all on the "real" camera. I'll get to those...sometime!!!) She was super excited to get a couple cards & gifts in the mail from family. She's been doing her "homework" almost every day since without us even prompting her!. In the midst of that, I caught strep & was completely out of commission for a day and recovering for another one. No joke, that strep!!! Thankfully nobody else got it though, especially since Michael had to head out of state for work! Cade stepped it up on the exercise front & has begun adding marching to our routine in addition to the "sitting on Mommy's stomach" crunches. Kalea continues to emulate her Aunt "Messy" Jessie on a daily basis - I swear I've never known a messier child...especially when chocolate is involved!!! Good thing she has that silly smile!

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