Saturday, April 20, 2013

{week 16}

During the past week it was reaffirmed that I have some of the cutest kids on the planet. Just in case you were wondering. Although Cade went on a sleeping strike two nights out of seven, he still managed to steal my heart one day insisting on snuggling chest to chest on the swings instead of being a big boy & doing it himself like usual. Cassidy's preschool "graduation" pictures came back from the school photographer & I suddenly flashed twelve years in the future. And promptly decided that she isn't allowed to grow up any more. The girls crafted with fruit loop necklaces along with the daily coloring, writing & reading routine every afternoon, we caught a renegade squirrel stealing sunflower seeds from our bird feeder & headed to the Big Shanty Festival on Saturday afternoon with some friends - which wore out everyone & led to dinnertime snoozes for the girls which is practically unheard of at our house. We're getting used to the spring weather & counting down the days until summer vacation and our trip to Pennsylvania!

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