Saturday, March 23, 2013

{week 12}

Last week I tried to make up for the lack of pictures for the prior week by going way overboard in documenting the event of the week. That, coupled with a bunch of stuff going on, led to a crowded collage this week! Michael spent the first part of the week out of town for work. While he was away, we weathered a tornado warning (three kids, mommy & two cats in a very small half bathroom. good times) one evening, Kalea celebrated "green day" at school with some appetizing green macaroni & cheese & had a playdate with cutie pie Emma, Cassidy had gymnastics & school, we saw one of a hundred trains that go through Kennesaw - but this time Cade said, clearly, "choo chooo twain". We ate a yummy feast of cabbage soup, salad, quiche & apple pie one day &  yummy chili later in the week. On Friday, after spending the day with Cassidy's sweet friend, Seren, Michael & a friend convinced Jackie to drive two hours to see a free Blake Shelton concert &! He played for just over four hours! The next day was a rainy day that we spent in our pajamas doing chalk art & hanging out. Overall, it was a great week!

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