Saturday, January 5, 2013

{week 1}

If you know me, you know the electronic appendage called Jackie's iPhone. It's one of the luxuries that I'd be loathe to give up as we tighten our belts. Being a SAHM, I realized it's entirely unnecessary to have a fancypants phone - no important meetings, clients, projects, emails, etc. However, it's kind of my lifeline to the world of people taller than 4' tall who speak in complete sentences. I held out on Facebook until Kalea was born and since jumping into the world of social media have meddled in Twitter (and failed! lol!), Google+ (and am still confused), Blogger, and Instagram. Instagram has my attention right now because it catches some of the sixty-forty-hundred pictures that I take of our family each week & has fun filters that make those pictures look less like phone pictures. 

Anyhow, since I'm trying to blog more regularly I thought I'd replicate a practice from a favorite blog of mine, Enjoying the Small Things, and do a weekly Instagram dump. Enjoy!

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