Saturday, January 12, 2013

{on the 18th day of christmas}

I finally am blogging about Christmas! It's a real thing, right? The Saturday after Epiphany? Right?

We started off the season with the 4K Christmas pageant & the 2K sing-a-long at preschool. Cassidy  played the part of a shepherd during the pageant & did a great job. Kalea was one of 6 in her class sing-a-long. She had a blast & stole the show with her sweet smile & little voice.
dresses & shirt by my sweet friend Melanie at The Pickle Tree
4K friends Jack, Ellie & Cassidy

The following weekend the kids visited Santa, we chose a tree & decorated the house.

 The girls insisted on makeing a gingerbread house this year. I think they ate almost as much icing as we used to decorate, but we had fun putting it together. The next Sunday was the holiday program at PUCC. The Sunday School children sang a few songs and the girls were part of a dance group that performed. Jackie also sang as part of a jazz quartet.

After a busy next week at preschool with Christmas parties and playdates, we piled into the car on Friday night & drove through the night north toward PA. We had a blast visiting family for the next week for Christmas. A crazy, fun, 11 kids ages 5 and under, germ filled, white Christmas! We piled into Grandma & Grandpa's house for seven days and the kids had so much fun visiting with cousins, 2nd cousins and cousins of cousins.
pirate storytime with Uncle Derrick
Great Grandma Stein & the Henning & Lumpkin kids
Great Grandpa Stein & Isaac
Christmas Day
fun at the Hennings
Surprise 40th Anniversary Party for Aunt Margie & Uncle John
the kids were beyond excited to play together in the snow
At the end of the week, we got in our PJs, had a last snuggle with Grandma & Grandpa, got in the car & headed back to Georgia! Hope your Christmas was as exciting as ours! 

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