Tuesday, April 17, 2012

{soccer pals}

There's no stopping it now. We're officially on the extracurriculars, sports & kid's activities train. Both Cassidy & Kalea are participating in a local U4 soccer league. It's really laid back & so far they, mostly, like it. Kalea is technically too young for the team so about half way through the 45 minute weekly Saturday practice she gives out & is just plain done - which is perfectly acceptable when you're 2! 
The league runs for just six weeks & they spend half a Saturday practice doing "skill work" & the other half of the practice "playing a game". This part is both my favorite & Cassidy's favorite. She likes it because she scores lots of goals. I like it because it's mass hysteria. Each kid actually just keeps her/his own ball & dribbles it back & forth from goal to goal, shoots & scores. Over & over. Just imagine two goals, a dozen or more small people running back & forth yelling "GOAL!", a dozen or more soccer balls, a handful of siblings both younger & older getting in the way, a dozen or more helicopter parents yelling "good job!" & two wild-eyed, wonderful, well meaning coaches. Hysterical.

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