Wednesday, February 29, 2012

{four months}

Four months already!?! It seems like just a couple weeks ago the girls, the belly & I had just arrived in Georgia. Apparently though the sleep deprivation is in full effect because I clearly can't keep track of the passing of time.

Yesterday we went to Cade's 4 month well child check. According to Dr. Sarah & the scale he is seriously growing. He grew 2.5" in the past two month! His current stats are: height - 26" (87th percentile), weight - 15 lbs, 12 oz ( 60th percentile), head circumference - 16.5" (62nd percentile). He was all smiles & coos for the nurses & pediatrician, even showing off by rolling over while we chatted. Up until those nasty immunizations. He's had different reactions than my other babies with immunizations. The girls never seemed to mind them, aside from the initial screaming they'd just sleep the rest of the day away & be a little lazy the next. Poor guy has been miserable - fever, whining, interrupted sleep and just wanting to be held all.the.time. :(

Besides rolling over, the little guy has recently discovered his tongue & fingers. There's a pretty constant state of drool down his chin & on my shoulder lately. And as he begins to reach for toys they've begun ending up in his mouth. Unfortunately the motor skills are quite developed yet & we've had multiple instances of toy or finger ending up in his eye. I hate to giggle about my poor little baby's sadness, but man he's cute when he makes the "I'm-incredibly-sad" face. One day I'll get a picture of it. For posterity, right? 

He's napping pretty regularly - a short snooze in the morning after preschool drop off, a short snooze around lunchtime, a longer nap in the afternoon, a doze during dinner then to bed in his crib around 8:30. Up until a week or so ago he was waking up around 4 am to nurse & then sleeping again in the co-sleeper in our room until about 7:30 am. In the past few weeks though, he's made it a few nights until 5:15 am or 6 am. While I'd love for that to continue, I'll be happy that he generally falls back to sleep quickly whatever time he wakes so we're not up at all hours of the night, like his sister Cassidy used to be! 

The months have flown by & we're looking forward to summertime, being outside & all the milestones to come. Here's the little guy telling you what he thinks about being 4 months old!

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Sarai said...

What a cute little guy! So happy and bright eyed! Time flies, doesn't it?