Wednesday, February 1, 2012

{family of five}

This fall we were lucky enough to "win" a photo session with a local photographer and fellow preschool mom during the annual fundraising event, Bids 'n Bites, at Cassidy's preschool. A very persistent Grandma Betty got into a pretty funny bidding war over this particular item with another preschool grandmother. We were in no way surprised that Grandma Betty won & were very excited to have some portraits taken of our family with the new addition. 
It's taken a few months but we're hoping to use some of these to fill some of the very beige space on our new home's walls! Thanks to Grandma & Grandpa for the gift & to Jessica Bampton of K & B Photography for the wonderful images!


Ratz said...

WOW! Jackie, these pictures are so beautiful :)

Miss Prissy said...

OMG..I just stumbled upon your blog when browsing for "funky spaghetti" recipe (yep, that's one. Never gets old)...and I was drawn by your babies' pics and oh how I love them^^ They all are cute and I like these photo shoots.

Say hi for me to them, okay?^^