Saturday, January 8, 2011

living in the moment.

photo credit: Nina Cochran
Yesterday a good friend was kind enough to come to our house & watch Kalea while I co-oped at Cassidy's preschool. She & her son got there at 10:30 am & were going to stay until we got back around 1:00 pm. As Cassidy & I prepared to leave I said, "Did you eat lunch yet?" Her response, "No, Jackie. It's 10:30." Oh, that's right.

But, in my head, I was already out the door, to preschool & back, in the house & had hungry children waiting for lunch. Because that's how most Fridays look to me. And because, particularly as a mom, I feel like I am constantly 10 steps ahead of right now.

Feeling a little embarrassed, I drove to preschool wondering how many times I was busy planning for the next thing while I missed the present. Or how many times technology & the need to be connected has actually disconnected me from the little living, breathing, cuddling, giggling (or screeching) humans with whom I spend most of my time.

Honestly the phrase "live in the moment" seems wise but unattainable. Like all good techno-moms, I Googled it to see if anyone else could lend some advice or insight. WikiHow has a 6 step program, eHow has a 7 step program to perfection & numerous other sites list things like taking time out for self (does the 2 minutes I locked myself in the bathroom today count?), surround yourself with calm (these people never had toddlers) or escaping from material possessions (perhaps Christmas didn't throw up at their house this year like it did at mine). Honestly nothing really struck a chord with me.  

Is it possible to live as a mom in the moment?

I'm not usually a New Year's resolution kind of girl, but do try to test my limits, get uncomfortable sometimes & try thing that aren't easy in the name of growth. So here's my plan to start living in the moment, in a 3 step program none the less.
  1. Turn Off - less time on the computer, internet & iPhone
  2. Go Low - more time on the floor with the munchkins
  3. Get Outside - more time in the great outdoors
So be prepared friends & family, I may not text you back in nanoseconds. I probably won't have dinner ready on time every day & my house will likely look more tornado like than usual. There's a good chance I'll get sunburned this summer & my children will end the day covered in dirt. But I hope that, with these ideas in mind, our family will spend time together rather than simply side by side, appreciate each other more & live in the moment.


Melodyhester said...

Love these three concise goals you have .....especially the "go low". Great thoughts and goals for the New Year....I hope you have a great 2011!

Mtmcd3 said...

Very good post. I am guilty of being connected and disconnected...not where I want to be...