Wednesday, December 8, 2010

decorate for Christmas in 10 easy steps.

step 1: acquire proper outfit & accessories
step 2: travel over the river & through the woods to the forest
step 3: give up on forest, head to tree stand a block from home
step 4: choose a tree "just my size"
step 5: untangle strings of lights
step 6: acquire additional accessories
step 7: trim the tree
step 8: don't forget the star on top
step 9: have a snack & acquire even more accessories
step 10: have a merry christmas


tiarasandtrucks said...

LOVE the accessories. It's like seeing Abbey's day. Beautiful tree :) Ours is in the stand. Undecorated, thwarted by some awful stomach virus that ran rampant through our house this week :(

lumpsonablog said...

Uh oh! Hope you & the little ones are feeling better by now! Love how tutus become a part of the daily dressing routine these days!