Friday, September 17, 2010

art showcase.

Over the past year Cassidy started expressing her creativity with art projects here & there. She made projects at Sunday School, at home with me, Michael, Aunt Jenny or Grandma or at library story time. After a pile of "keepers" lived on our dresser for a few too many months, I decided that we needed a new display/storage solution. 

We have a wall in our back stairwell that was boring, white & empty. I figured that with a few adhesive mini-hooks, some picture hanging wire & cute little clothespins we could make our own gallery. Michael & Jenny were kind enough to put my plan into action one day when I was at work & it worked perfectly. Once Kalea starts adding to the display, it will be easy to add another line too!

The next task was to figure out what to do with all these masterpieces. I couldn't, in good mommy conscience, just recycle them when one got bumped from the gallery in order to replace it with a new one, but I also have little interest in keeping every single piece of construction paper with feathers & beads falling off of it. So, we went digital. Now, before a piece of art gets promoted from dining room table to art gallery I snap a picture & save it on our computer. I plan to include a page or two in each of the girls' yearly picture album of their artwork. Then we can keep a few of the favorites, but recycle the rest guilt free! 

I totally stole the idea from Pottery Barn Kids, but think it turned out pretty cute & about $30 cheaper! For more ideas on what to do with things your little Picasso makes, visit this great website where I found a few more great ideas. Happy Friday!


Ratz said...

Hello jackie... those works are simply amazing... especially the caterpillar one... it is just too cute... we have an artist there... all the best.. Looking forward to see more of the works :-)

lumpsonablog said...

Thanks. She *loves* to draw, paint, glue & otherwise make gloriously messy art projects. I'm sure there will be many more to come.

colleen said...

What fantastic ideas! I'm certainly going to keep these in mind for when we enter the art stage.

millermix said...

We have an art line in Javi's room that stretches around the room. He loves it. When we run out of room on the line, he has a flat bin to use. When that is full, it is time to cull. At age 9, we've realized that not every work of art is a masterpiece. We also frame the really fantastic ones for hanging around the house.