Monday, August 23, 2010

flash cards.

Recently Cassidy has been really interested in letters, "writing" her name & playing "homework" with some baby sign language flash cards we have. I thought it might be fun to make a flash card book with her with letters so that she can start to learn what they look like & the sounds each letter makes. (Believe me, I'm not pushing her to be reading yet, but since she's interested I thought we should capitalize on that!)

I let her choose an image for each letter of the alphabet from Google Images. Then while she was otherwise occupied I printed & cut them out. Afterward she chose a picture to glue while I wrote the word on one side of the card & the letter on the other where she helped stick down the picture. As we put each card together she told me the name of the letter & what the picture was. To keep them all together I hole punched each card's corner, put on one of those hole-saver-sticker-thingys & used a ring to keep them together. Cassidy is so excited about her new book...she even wanted to sleep with it! I liked that she was able to help make the book & can understand better what it is. My guess is that we'll be doing more fun flashcard books in the future for numbers, site words & all types of things!


The Drama Mama said...

Wow!! I love this idea!!! Man she is getting so big!!

lumpsonablog said...

Thanks! We actually made lower case ones yesterday too b/c she loved doing it so much!

colleen said...