Thursday, July 29, 2010

10 months!

Today the girls & I had lunch with Michael at his office. While we were eating someone asked me, "How old is Kalea now?" To which I responded, "She's 9 & a...oh my gosh, what's today's date?"

Yes, she's 10 months old - today! I absolutely cannot believe it at all. I neglected to take cute pictures but did catch a short video on the new phone.

Since the 9 month mark Kalea has gone from mostly-scooting-but-sort-of-crawling to full-fledged-speed-of-light-crawling + pulling up on everything & cruising around any furniture or human who she can hold. She is taking after her talkative big sister & babbles non-stop & waves at any living being in sight. We've started doing baby sign language with her as well & so far she's mastered milk & I think I've caught her doing "all done" a few times. (Either that or her arm flapping had impeccable timing!) 

Happy 10 months baby girl - you're getting so big!


Ratz said...

oh She is just too adorable and i must say she looks like a dancer in the offing.... give my love to her... xoxoxo

The Drama Mama said...

Awwww, man she is growing up. Happy 10 months, Kalea!