Saturday, March 20, 2010

my six degrees of blogging

So yesterday I posted a very cool idea, "The Six Degrees of Blogging" & the time has come to put it into action.  My clickity clicking led me on this path:
  1. three pugs & a baby: a witty look into the life of a wonderful lady
  2. Work, Wife, Mom...Life: the brilliant mom behind this six degrees challenge
  3. Babbling Abby: a sweet blog featuring a super sweet little boy
  4. Namaste By Day: someone who describes herself as a "tree-hugging, bleeding heart, who sees the world through rose colored classes" - I think we could be friends!
  5. Binkies and Bandaids - Life with Irish Triplets: an honest look at something that would scare the crap out of me...& great graphics!
  6. Breed 'Em And Weep: my new find, a gem whose latest blog post reminded me just how much I enjoy writing as she reflected on her own search for art
So now, readers, go discover some new blogs & leave them some comment love - we all enjoy it!  Add yourself as a follower so you'll never miss a post from them again.  And then discover your own new gems & comment here to let me know what you've found!

And, keep checking back here.  My next major project to blog overhaul is to add a blogroll.  If you want your blog listed, let me know!


Gina said...

Thank you for stopping by...and highlighting my blog! I am totally going to do this 6 degrees thing soon! Your blog and your kiddos are adorable!

Julia said...

wasn't that fun??? I absolutely love how you gave all six blogs you hopped through!!!!! very cool!!

thanks for playing and for making Gina's day! ;)

Jackie said...

@ Gina & Julia: So glad you made your way over to visit. I'm such a nerd & this idea has me so excited that I can barely pull myself away from the laptop today!

Julia said...

i know, me too. my boy just woke up and he's still crying. remember, though, Jackie, don't make it more complicated than you have time for!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the 6 degrees.................xoxo

Beth said...

Hi! You were hop #1 on my 6 degrees of blogging blog hop. See more info here:

I enjoyed visiting your blog! And already looking forward to my next opportunity to do the Blog Hop!

Life with Kaishon said...

I love finding new blogs that I love : ) The problem is I have TOO many great blogs that I love. If only I could read blogs all day : ) instead of working. Darn it!

Jackie said...

@ Julia - I know, I know. Trying to KISS is so difficult for a Type A like me who tends to get obsessed. I'm trying though.

Thank goodness my H is here today & has my toddler outside playing & my little one is super easy (& napping right now!)

@ llutze: glad you made it over! I'll stop by again to check out your 6 degrees.

@ Beth & L w/K: thanks for joining in the fun. I think I need a whole day to hop around to all the new & interesting blogs I'm finding.

Wendy said...

Found you through SITS (LOVE that place!) and just wanted to leave some comment love :) I so love discovering new blogs and's just amazing how many amazing, funny, talented women there are! Happy Saturday!!

Lori said...

These suggestions are great! I need to get back to blogging more regularly, you know, when I find the time :p

Anonymous said...

Thanks for adding JVV to your blogroll, jlsl! We love lumps on a blog!