Friday, March 19, 2010

blog dare

While I know that I am the most interesting, wonderful, talented, creative & fantastic blogger you know (modest as well), I've been thinking a lot recently about how to spice up this little blog.  The intent, when I started it, was to simply record life with the Lumps.  I suppose it is still the basic intent, but I'm beginning to get a little bored.  So, I found "the blog dare" online while the girls were napping today.  Here's the scoop:

This proposed guidelines for The Blog Dare are only suggestions. They provide encouragement to help you along on those days/weeks/months when you feel you have nothing to say or have writers block.

January is New Years Resolution Month ~ Keep us up to date on your resolutions for 2010, how you plan to keep them and how you are succeeding. 

February is Why I Blog Month ~ Each day give your readers a little insight into why you blog. What made you start? What keeps you blogging? What are your favorite blogs?

March is My Daily Thought Month ~ Each days post may begin, end or be completely comprised of "My Daily Thought". A short and sweet thought, saying, helpful-hint, proverb, verse or funny quip that kept you going that day or helps you through life.

April is Photo of the Day Month ~ April can tend to be a very beautiful month for season change (Depending on where in the world you live). Post your photo of the daily season change, or describe the season changing around you. Remember to give credit where credit is due on photos you post that are not your work.

May is Recipe Month ~ Share with us your favorite and/or easy recipes or meals for Summer.

June is Little Facts about Me Month ~ Each day begin, end or solely post a little fact about you that we may not know. Not private information but what make you unique. (Example: Maybe you don't like your food to touch on your plate)

July is My Country Month ~ In the United States, July is when we celebrate our freedom and the beginnings of our country. Tell us, no matter what country you live in, what makes your country different... cultures, foods, celebrations, traditional outfits/costumes, etc...

August is Back to School Month ~ Even if you do not yet or no longer have school age children you can participate! What did you like or dislike about returning to school as a child. What specials do you look forward in taking advantage of each August? Do you plan special activities before your children return to school? Do you home school? What is your home school schedule?

September is Product Review Month ~ Each days post can be around a product you can not live without or one you have recently tried and love or dislike!

October is Giveaway-Scary Story-Retro Month ~ Build up to a giveaway you will giveaway at the end of the month. Or post a story that as a child scared you and gave you goose bumps, but as an adult you can look back on differently. Try to actually remember what is was like to have a child's understanding and hearing the story. Post a retro item/outfit ensemble or piece/or character you loved as a child-tween-teen.

November is Thankful Month ~ Each days post can include one thing you are thankful to have.

December is Holiday Tradition Month ~ Post about your family traditions past/present/future. What traditions do you miss from your childhood? What traditions have you begun with your children? What traditions would you like to have with your family?

Days of the Week Guidelines
If you need help throughout the week, try switching it up with these daily suggestions.

Sunday ~ If you worship, give a small devotional or lesson you have learned.
Monday ~ Manic Mondays: tell us what just drives you crazy about parenthood... what didn't you expect?
Tuesday ~ Tasteful Tuesday: Show us your favorite outfits/decor/meals.
Wednesday ~ This is easy! Wordless Wednesday: Post a picture!
Thursday ~ Thankful Thursday: What have you learned to be thankful for?
Friday ~ Favorite Fridays: What are some of your Favorite things?
Saturday ~ Weekend Plans: What are your plans this weekend or favorite family activities for weekends? 

Since I missed January & February (& much of March!) I'll just have to work them in as we go.  For example, my new New Year's Goal is to blog 5 or 6 days a week.  You're going to get sick of me.  And, secondly, to try to regain a little bit of Jackie-other-than-Mommy in the process.  We'll see how that goes!

So, if you're reading our blog, post comments to let me know how you're doing or how you fit with each of our themes.  If you blog on your own, join the fun!

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CaneWife said...

Very cool! This is a great guideline if you get stuck with the infamous bloggers' block! I'm definitely going to keep some of these tips in mind for the future :)

Good luck!